The patient’s mental, emotional, and physical state is fully considered before any remedy and prescription are given. The remedy prescribed acts as a powerful catalyst which stimulates the body to regain balance and heal itself.


  • is an effective form of medicine that does not cause unwanted side-effects and is non-addictive.
  • addresses your stress and anxiety.
  • increases your natural immunity.
  • is safe for all ages including pregnant women, babies, and children.
  • can be used alongside conventional medical treatment or as an alternative.
  • can be particularly useful if no one can give you a diagnosis of what is troubling you but you still feel unwell.

Amongst other health problems homeopathy can help

Infertility, conception, childbirth, post-natal issues, breastfeeding problems, menstrual and menopausal symptoms, fibroids, constipation, polyps, PCOS, insomnia, IBS, worms, panic attacks, anxiety, stress, asthma, skin problems, eczema, allergies, depression, self-esteem issues and weight concerns.

First Appointment

Your first visit to us is a detailed 'information gathering' conversation. An individual timeline of events will be constructed and this is added to whilst you remain a patient. The first visit will be up to 1 hour.

Everything is kept strictly confidential giving you the opportunity to step back and find out how you arrived at where you are now in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

Mental, emotional, and physical symptoms are all important in establishing a complete picture of you as an individual, helping the homeopath to understand the nature of your complaint, and how it manifests or is experienced by you. Even small or unusual things can be of great significance.

Symptoms are viewed as the body’s way of communicating that an imbalance exists at the mental, emotional, or physical level.

Follow Up Appointments

These will be 30 minutes and these usually take place at approximately 4 weeks apart and will lessen with improvement. This may vary according to the severity and length of your health problems. Acute complaints can improve rapidly. Each session is to create a homeopathic prescription for you, which may also include tissue salts, flower essences, homeobotanical tinctures, and basic dietary advice.

Consultation Fees

Adults and children over 7yrs: £75 per session.

*Special offer for follow ups* For every advanced block booking of 3 consultations discounted to £180 (£60 per consult)

Children under 7yrs: First appointment: £75. Follow ups: £60

Mother and Baby or two members of the same family initial consult: £110

Mother and Baby or two members of the same family follow up: £90

Hair Mineral Analysis: £69

Homeobotanical tinctures/creams: £20 including a 15 min consult. For existing patients these cost £15 with the full consultation and remedies.

Personalised Homeopathic kits with instructions made to order: From £29.99

Free access to my suppliers for supplements and healthcare products (discounted) for all my clients and their friends and families. This discount is available to everyone using the Bath Haus Spa:

Go to the website www.naturaldispensary.co.uk and register with them online. Give them my name (Aishah Aleemah Hussain) when asked for your practitioner. Then enter the code AAH010 when you checkout for a 15% discount.

Consultations include basic homeopathic remedies but you may be required to order in specialist remedies from a pharmacy if they are not stocked.

Drop in sessions for acute conditions such as colds, coughs, or even general advice. These consultations last around 15 minutes and cost £20 including remedies.

Gift vouchers available.

Student Clinic
We also run a student clinic here at Diffusing Health. This is an excellent option for those that would like to explore a more economical alternative. You will have your case taken by a student homeopath and supervised by an experienced practitioner. The charge for this is £25 a session. Please ask if you are interested in having your case taken by one of our trainee practitioners.

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