Homeopathy with Aishah


A little bit about me:

BA Hons History, BSc Hons Homeopathy, CEASE Therapist, Homeobotanical Therapist. I have studied for a Licentiate and BSc (Honours) in Homeopathy at one of the leading Homeopathic institutions, Centre for Homeopathic Education (CHE). CHE are the only institution offering a BSc in Homeopathy.

I am from a family who have been traditional complementary medicine practitioners for many generations. My grandfather was a herbalist and my father continued his legacy specialising in fertility. I was treated for polycystic ovaries by my father in my early twenties and went on with no problems to have a beautiful healthy daughter and a son. Inspired by this and my early childhood exposure to alternative therapies I have learned from my father and eventually became a Homeopath incorporating CEASE Therapy, Homeobotanical tinctures, and flower essences.

I have trained with the Indian Homeopaths Dr P Banerji and his son (http://www.pbhrfindia.org/) and also trained using the Sensations method (The Joshi’s). I incorporate the Banerji protocols where needed especially in cancer cases because the protocols have a high success rate. I would really encourage looking at their recent work that is now being published in journals here: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20043074  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24753994. You can have a look at their case studies here: http://www.pbhrfindia.org/. The Sensations method is brilliant for deep trauma’s where the patient is unable to discuss it or recall it.

With all these tools available to me, I prescribe a unique and tailored prescription for each individual patient.

Autism, CEASE Therapy, & Homeopathic Paediatrics

I combine several methods successfully; a combination of Homeopathy, Bowel Nosodes, CEASE therapy, Hair Mineral Analysis Testing, Homeobotanical tinctures, and support for the patient with minerals (Tissue Salts) is a natural yet powerful approach to treating autism.

Patients usually come to me after exhausting all other means; treating autism has become an integral part of my practice making up over 60% of my clients.

I use my approach to gently release the trauma (if any) and toxins by making sure the detox pathways are supported and functioning optimally. I guide parents through the detox process. Homeopathy is natural and gentle yet powerful and nudges the body to heal itself.

Typically in the first 5-6 sessions I see a lot of changes. We slowly cut down the frequency of sessions as the patient begins thrives on their own.

Homeopathy is safe and can be used alongside other therapies and often complements other treatments such as cranial sacral therapy.

I am passionate about treating autism and being a mother gives me profound happiness seeing children thriving. At times it feels like I am reuniting parents with their children. Receiving beautiful messages from a parent whose child has gone from being emotionally inexpressive to telling mum he loves her or an aggressive child described as ‘a different child’ after remedies has left me emotional many times.

Women’s Hormone Health, Fertility, & Weight Loss

Another significant area of my work is women’s health. I deal routinely with hormonal issues, detoxing the pill, thrush, fertility, thyroid, and other female related conditions. Natural weight loss methods have also become a big part of my practice which includes looking at underlying causes, mineral balancing, and hormone balancing. I use my own protocols and have seen great results especially for women with PCOS and thyroid imbalances. I don’t believe in dieting and have never seen it work in the long run. Homeopathy can help resolve the emotional barriers and simultaneously physically balance the body. Looking at calcium absorption issues and bioavailability is another factor.

Amongst other health problems homeopathy can help

Pregnancy and childbirth, post-natal issues, breastfeeding problems, menstrual and menopausal symptoms, fibroids, constipation, polyps, insomnia, IBS, worms, panic attacks, anxiety, stress, asthma, skin problems, eczema, allergies, depression, self-esteem issues, or even just a general feeling of ‘something not quite right.’

First Appointment

Your first visit to me is a detailed 'information gathering' conversation. An individual timeline of events will be constructed and this is added to whilst you remain a patient with me. The first visit is usually 60-90 minutes.

Everything is kept strictly confidential giving you the opportunity to step back and find out how you arrived at where you are now in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

Mental, emotional, and physical symptoms are all important in establishing a complete picture of you as an individual, helping the homeopath to understand the nature of your complaint, and how it manifests or is experienced by you. Even small or unusual things can be of great significance.

Symptoms are viewed as the body’s way of communicating that an imbalance exists at the mental, emotional, or physical level.

Follow Up Appointments

These will be 30-60 minutes and these usually take place at approximately 4-8weeks apart and will lessen with improvement. This may vary according to the severity and length of your health problems. Acute complaints can improve rapidly. Each session is to create a homeopathic prescription for you, which may also include tissue salts, flower essences, homeobotanical tinctures, and basic dietary advice.


Mondays: Skype only (International and non-local patients)

Tuesdays: 10am-3pm (In person or telephone)

Wednesday evening: 3-9pm (In person or telephone) 


First Consultation (60-90 minutes) £120

Follow up consultation (30-60 minutes) £90

Mother and Baby or two siblings: £150 (60-90 minutes)

Hair Mineral Analysis Testing: £69

Homeobotanical tinctures/creams: £20 including a 15 min consultation.

Helios kit or a personalised homeopathic kit with instructions made to order: £30

Consultations include basic homeopathic remedies but you may be required to order in specialist remedies from a pharmacy if they are not stocked.

Drop in sessions for acute conditions such as colds, coughs, or even general advice. These consultations last around 15 minutes and cost £20 including remedies.

Gift vouchers available.

Low-Cost Student Clinic

We also run a student clinic once a month. This is an excellent option for those that would like to explore a more economical alternative. You will have your case taken by a student homeopath and supervised by an experienced practitioner. The charge for this is £25 a session. Please ask if you are interested in having your case taken by one of our trainee practitioners.

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