Rachelle Moulai

Managing director - Complementary Health Practitioner ITEC -  Therapeutic massage - CranioSacral Therapy - Dr Hauschka Aesthetician 

Wishing you a warm welcome to the Bath Haus Spa in Barking and to our team of dedicated and talented holistic health practitioners.

I co-founded the Bath Haus Spa in 2012 as part of the Olympic Project and am proud to have guided its growth its last four years. I'm excited about its continuous development and future and its significant role in the regeneration of Barking town centre.

I am a compassionate practitioner with an understanding of individual need, accompanied by a high level of standards in treatments and Spa services.

Improvement in wellbeing and happiness for individuals and the community are at the heart of my personal mission and the collective mission of our Bath Haus Spa family.

Virginie Auvray

Director - Spa therapist - CAP and BP Diplomas in Beauty and Massage. I am currently in my second year studying Naturopathic Nutrition.

Massage has always been a part of my life since I was a young girl. It was a natural part of every day life with my mother who gave me regular massages and had an intuitive gift for it. From this early age I knew that I would go on to learn more and to train in holistic and beauty wellbeing therapies. I have realised this dream and continue to learn and grow as a practitioner.

I am a calm, patient practitioner and a good listener. I believe in creating an atmosphere of deep relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. My massage treatments encourage the body to self heal.My approach to beauty treatments is centred in a belief that women love to feel good about their bodies and this in turn, leads to greater sense of happiness, well being and confidence.

Joan Faria

Nutritional Therapist. Diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition. CNHC registered.

I am passionate about the healing power of food, and using it to help people move towards optimum health! Being seriously ill myself was the wake-up call I needed to change my diet and lifestyle, so I fully understand the challenges that come with making change and I love to guide and support clients through that process.

I am a thorough and conscientious practitioner. My goal is to find out what your health aims are and work with you to achieve them. I work using the Functional Medicine model, which involves finding and addressing the root causes of ill health, rather than just dealing with symptoms. I have special interests in cancer support, autoimmunity, women’s health and blood sugar imbalances.

Every day, the choices we make about what to eat affect whether our bodies move further out of balance or towards optimal health. I want to guide you to the choices that will allow you to enjoy the vibrant good health that you deserve!

Havva Shamis

Kinesiology - Homeopathy - Phytobiophysics

Areas of expertise: Endocrine imbalances e.g immune issues, menstrual issues, low energy, tiredness, mood swings, skin issues, digestive issues, emotions.

I  am a considered and conscientious practitioner. My interest and commitment to my therapeutic work is long standing as I believe that the natural therapies are non-intrusive and effective ways of healing. I work quietly and systematically with my clients to understand what is going on in their systems so that I can offer the appropriate support to healing. I am a good listener, giving my whole attention to my clients and fully engaging with them.

Jasmin Izagaren

Naturopathic Iridologist – Abdominal sacral massage therapist

Our eyes reveal more than we can imagine and by using a painless method of analysis, we can try to understand some of what they convey. Iridology can be used to detect, amongst other things, congestion, inflammation and any weaknesses and strengths in the body.  This analysis then helps me as a practitioner to understand the underlying issues that a client may not be aware is present and guides the rest of the consultation where I use other healing methods to treat. Naturopathy is a system of medicine where the practitioner takes a natural and holistic approach to healing different health conditions.  A full medical history is taken involving questions about many aspects of one’s lifestyle, including food, sleep patterns etc. By using a multi-faceted approach the patient is treated through the use of herbs, diet and homeopathy.  Other treatment modalities are used according to the individual’s need.

Many traditions around the world use a type of abdominal massage to offer physical and emotional support and healing to their women and young girls. I use a form of abdominal massage that brings together many healing techniques used to help release tension and congestion, increase circulation relieve digestive and fertility issues and maintain hormonal and emotional balance.    

I am a sensitive and thorough practitioner who is able to use my skills to support you on your path to better health and well being.  Whether you would like to lose weight; treat an imbalance; complete a detox or just take a fresh look at your lifestyle choices – my job is to help you achieve the best of yourself and more!

Aishah Hussain-Qureshi

BA Hons History (SOAS 2003-2006); BSc Hons Homeopathy & Licentiate (Centre for Homeopathic Education 2008-2012), CEASE Therapist (2016), Homeobotanical Therapist (2016)

I have studied for a Licentiate and BSc (Honours) in Homeopathy at one of the leading Homeopathic institutions, Centre for Homeopathic Education (CHE). My previous qualifications include a BA (Hons) in History (2006).

I am from a family who have been traditional complementary medicine practitioners for many generations. My grandfather was a herbalist and my father continued his legacy specialising in fertility. I was treated for polycystic ovaries by my dad in my early twenties and went on with no problems to have a beautiful healthy daughter and a son. Inspired by this and my early childhood exposure to alternative therapies I have learned from my father and eventually became a homeopath incorporating CEASE Therapy, Homeobotanical tinctures, and flower essences.

My interests include treating fertility problems, women’s health, working with children, and helping patients make informed choices. I regularly host CPD sessions with colleagues. Previously I have been involved with La Leche League and have done some training towards breastfeeding counseling; this and pregnancy continues to be an area of interest.

My unique and creative prescriptions may include: Homeobotanical tinctures, basic dietary advice, flower essences, and tissue salts, and my experience as a CEASE practitioner.

I’m a homeschooling mum, I love to travel, I vlog, I love to bake and I’m a bit of a foodie! Other interests are cycling and photography.

Dina Bavisi

Dina is an experienced and compassionate yoga and meditation teacher specialising with focus on breath work. She has trained traditionally in India with the Yogpeeth Indian Institute. Dina has also trained with Radiant Child Yoga and has delivered classes for children from preschool age all the way through to her much loved senior classes. She also gives health and well being talks.  Dina is an eclectic and diverse teacher who is flexible and adaptable according to the needs of her students. She strives to bring the healing power of yoga, meditation and breath work to as many people as possible. Passionate about helping people to heal and restore health,  Dina welcomes the opportunity to work with people from all walks of life. Her gentleness and wisdom is to be experienced!

Katie Bracher

Local girl and professional media artist. Katie is a regular sauna goer and advocate of the health and well-being benefits of the sauna experience.

She has traveled across the UK to try a variety of sauna styles and has been researching sauna history and culture with a view to travelling further afield in the name of bringing a unique and authentic sauna experience to the Bath Haus Spa

Jaha Browne

Jaha started her Reiki journey in 2014. Two years later she found herself at the magical Findhorn Retreat in Scotland, which led her current Reiki teacher who attuned Jaha earlier this year to Level 2. Jaha is now learning about crystal and sound healing to combine with her Reiki treatments. 

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