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  • Holistic Facial

    Our Holistic Facial is a tailored facial treatment, incorporating consultation, detailed skin analysis to determine your skin type, facial diagnosis to unveil signs of inner health and well-being issues, and comprehensive aftercare advice.

    The Holistic Facial isn't just skin deep, it's a sensual and enjoyable experience, aiming to give long-term benefits and a greater sense of well being. It can help both as part of a skin care program and to look further into one's overall health.

    Your holistic therapist will choose from our natural skincare range to develop a facial routine best suited to nurture your skin type. The facial will combine skin nourishment and soothing massage, leaving skin feeling fresher and looking clearer and more radiant.

    Express Facial - 30 minutes: £40
    Detox Facial - 60 minutes: £65
    Nourishing Facial - 60 minutes: £65

  • Waxing and Tinting

    Hair Removal for Women

    Eyebrow shape £12

    Chin or upper lip £8

    Under Arms £12

    Full Arms £18

    Half Arms £15

    Bikini Line £15

    Brazilian Bikini £26

    Hollywood Bikini £30

    Full Legs £33

    Half Legs £18

    Top Legs £22



    Hair Removal for Men

    Eyebrow shape £12

    Ears £9

    Nose £7

    Back and Shoulders £35

    Chest and abdomen £32

    * We use strips and hot wax for sensitive areas (face, bikini and under arms)


    Lashes and Brows

    Lashes tint £15

    Lashes Perm £30

    Eyebrow tint £10


  • Nails

    Express Manicure £12

    Traditional Manicure £19

    Traditional Manicure for men (no polish) £12

    Express Pedicure: £18

    Traditional Pedicure £28 

    Traditional Pedicure for men £22

    Shellac manicure £25 / Shellac pedicure £35 / Shellac removal £5

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